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IMPORTANT - Notice to Elementary Parents:

A new Student Data Profile dashboard is now available to all parents of students in kindergarten through sixth grade.  After logging into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, the dashboard can be accessed by clicking on the link titled, “Student Data Profile” in the bottom left corner.  The dashboard displays your child’s English Language Arts and mathematics fall, winter, and spring benchmarking data and instructional reading levels for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years.  Going forward, all benchmarking data will be available in the Student Data Profile.

iReady Assessment Information for Elementary Parents:

Your child’s i-Ready math assessment information for grades K – 6 is now available on the Parent Portal.  Many students who took the assessment in September were scored at a level of “approaching grade level”. The i-Ready assessment uses a middle to the end-of-the-year expectation in the report that was posted.  Simply put, a student who took the beginning-of-the-year assessment hasn’t been instructed in their current grade level in September and would, in most cases, be scored at “approaching grade level.” For those students who scored “on grade level” already, he or she might be considered slightly advanced because they have already mastered some of the required skills for their new grade level.


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